VONNE salary report released

Author: Laura Elliot

VONNE has just released our latest salary report. The annual report uses data and insight from our Job Finder service to explore salary and working trends in the North East voluntary, community and social enterprise sector.

Job Finder is the North East’s go-to jobs board for the VCSE sector. We’ve been advertising roles for more than a decade, putting us in a unique position to gather data on salaries specific to our sector.

What have we learned? 

Recruitment in 2023-24 remained challenging. Employment and working trends were affected by the cost of living crisis and working habits remain altered by the Covid pandemic. The wider economic landscape added to employer’s challenges when setting salaries for roles they advertised.

Data from last year when compared with historical information highlighted some key findings:

  • Average salaries increased across all role types.
  • The VCSE recruitment market slowed, but the North East was slightly less impacted than other parts of the UK, advertising 20.6% fewer roles in 23-24, compared to a 22% decrease nationally.
  • Nearly 8% more permanent roles were advertised in 2023-24 as a proportion of total adverts.
  • The number of roles offering candidates choice around hours increased in 2023-24 with over 6% more adverts offering full or part time hours.
  • Hybrid working is on the increase, with the proportion of roles advertised as hybrid up 10% on 2021-23.
  • However, there was a noticeable return to office working, with a decrease in roles offering a home-based or flexible location. 

Full analysis is available in our 2023-24 salary report, which is shared exclusively with VONNE Membership+ members as part of their member benefits

Read more about Membership+ benefits and how you can sign up on our website. If you’re a Membership+ member and haven’t received your copy of the salary report, email us and we’ll send it to you.