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Join the 1,400+ other charities, community groups, social enterprises and organisations working together to build a strong voice for the voluntary sector in the North East. Members benefit from discounts on services, access to funding information, exclusive events and expert advice and support.

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What we do

Providing information and intelligence

We support charities, voluntary and community groups, and social enterprises to be well informed on the policy, practice and strategy developments that affect you. We work strategically
to ensure your voice is heard and that we share all the information we have that is relevant to your organisations and the wider VCSE sector.

Projects and partnerships

To support the development and sustainability of VCSE organisations, we respond to the needs of the sector through collaboration with partners and industry experts. Together, we deliver meaningful and impactful thematic projects and partnerships that will strengthen the resilience organisations and the wider sector.

Support and resilience

VONNE offers support to our members and other VCSE organisations through a variety of services, including recruitment support, funding information and specialist consultancy. Find out more about the support we offer through the Services section of our menu above. We also provide signposting to your local infrastructure and support organisations through our LIO Directory.

An influential voice for the sector

We use our position to raise the profile of the VCSE community and ensure it is valued as an equal partner. We're recognised as a source of intelligence and are frequently invited to contribute to strategic government policy discussions and consultations, representing the sector both regionally and nationally.

Networking and collaboration

Our reach, through our membership and that of our partner organisations, includes 15,000 regional organisations. We facilitate networks to strengthen the VCSE sector, acting as a ‘connector’ to bring people and organisations together to strengthen our collective voice, encourage collaboration, shared learning and to make things happen.


VONNE offer a programme of exclusive and inclusive events throughout the year from webinars and masterclasses to programme information sessions and policy forums. Find out latest events and register your place here.

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