Digital support for the Tees Valley

DigitalCity, working with VONNE, is offering bespoke digital development support to VCSE organisations in the Tees Valley.

If you want to explore how digital can support your income generation activities, understand your service user journey or streamline your data, DigitalCity can match you with digital experts who can help you understand what’s possible and make better decisions.

Working as a group with individuals from other organisations, you’ll be supported through a design sprint to define your challenges, identify commonalities, and develop a roadmap for solutions which will be personalised to your organisation. DigitalCity can also help with signposting for future funding opportunities.

How DigitalCity supported Teesside Hospice

Teesside Hospice plays a huge and vital community role for the people of Teesside. The hospice has been around for decades and plays a pivotal role for service users as well as family and friends. The predominant service is end of life care, which can range from a few days to five years and this is mainly paid for via donations and fundraising.

DigitalCity worked with the hospice to explore what role digital could play in four key areas:

1. Income generation

How can the hospice generate new income generation activities using digital technologies and move existing income streams online?

2. Connection with end of life/education

How can digital technologies increase the ability and extent by which service users can connect with a variety of support methods and range of information, particularly around end of life care, in a safe and personalised way?

3. Wellbeing

How can hospice staff use digital to move wellbeing support beyond a straightforward Zoom call and explore avenues for greater depth and meaning? How can tech help the Hospice deliver vital education and wellbeing support to service users and their families?

4. Clinicians’ efficiency

Clinicians struggle with understanding how tech can help them perform more efficiently whilst communicating in a way which is distinctly human.  How can they be supported to explore and understand the huge variety of digital options available?

DigitalCity ran workshops with Teesside Hospice to review these areas and devise an action plan for next steps, sharing data within their services and improving efficiency.

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About DigitalCity

DigitalCity is a Teesside University-led initiative that supports the digital growth and transformation of businesses across the Tees Valley through interactive programmes, bespoke mentoring, expert-led workshops and consultancy projects. For more information please visit the DigitalCity website.