Could you help improve the digital connectivity of the Central Jarrow Community?

Big Local Central Jarrow Partnership would like to commission a 10 month project that uses networking, volunteers, group work and one tailored activity as a way to support and improve the digital connectivity of the Central Jarrow Community.

The Big Local Central Jarrow Partership would like to commission a Digital Inclusion Project that will be able to identify and direct local people to a range of opportunities that will encourage them to develop their digital skills and to recruit volunteers as 'digital champions' to improve the digital connectivity and skills of residents in the area.

The Big Local programme is a Big Lottery Fund initiative and work in Jarrow since 2013 has included organising a rep and coming up with ideas to make the community a better place to live, development of the areas profiles and the successful recruitment of a community development worker to deliver community engagement activities. 

The Partnership is inviting organisations to tender for this project. The successful tenderer will be required to develop a network of organisations across all sectors of the community that work with local people to develop and maintain a positive digital inclusion project. This is an open process and all organisations are able to apply for the tender.

You can find out more by downloading the Invitation to Tender document attached below.

Deadline for submissions is 12 noon Monday 16th May 2022.