Doing Recruitment Differently

Earlier this year, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reported that for the first time since records began there are “fewer unemployed people than job vacancies”. Job vacancies rose to a record of 1.3 million in February to April, as unemployment continued to drop to 3.7 per cent, the lowest level seen since 1974.

VONNE supports the North East VCSE sector to be well informed on everything that affects them and work strategically to ensure your voice is heard through policy, practice and strategy development.

Through a variety of forums, the sector is echoing the sentiments of the job market nationwide and telling us that they are finding recruitment difficult. Later this month we’re running a roundtable event with VODA and Collective Impact Agency to explore challenges, opportunities and ideas for taking different approaches to recruitment. The event is already full with a growing waiting list, showing this is clearly a topic that many of us are engaged in.

As a voice for the sector, and the go-to job advertising site for vacancies in North East VCSE organisations, we’re looking at our own recruitment processes to see how we can better engage job seekers and highlight the advantages of working in the VCSE sector to those looking for a new job opportunity.

In a bid to reach out to new audiences and be more accessible to job seekers, VONNE has taken a dynamic approach to recruitment with a revision of our application and interview processes and a new take on how we advertise roles.

We’re currently looking for a data champion to join our Member Services Team in the role of Data and Research Officer. It’s a brand-new role to VONNE and we’ve created a short promotional video to explain more about it, and us as an organisation. You can watch the video here:

Within recruitment we think it’s important for potential candidates to get a feel not just for the job role they’re applying for but also for the organisation they’ll be working with. At VONNE, finding someone who understands and supports our values, has plenty of enthusiasm and an ability to learn is just as important as the experience you can bring to a role with us. We hope that comes across in our recruitment.

Are you struggling to recruit within your team, or have you found a new way to make your roles more accessible and visible to a diverse group of candidates?

Please get in touch if you’d be interested in joining future recruitment workshop sessions with us, or have any information you’d like to share with the sector.